say it when you feel like it. used as a word of expression and to state feelings.

copyright hamney 2009.
to be used in any random instance that ‘shplurg’ is deemed fit.

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  • java zoned

    when you pour your heart out to a girl that you liked. and she responds back with a full java script program that is syntactically correct, showing that she rejected you. person: dude! i told jessica i liked her the other day! bro: how’d it go? person: she java zoned me…. bro: that was not […]

  • jenkins syndrome

    a rare disability in ice hockey players where the knees and ankles cannot move and flex at the same time, thus creating the illusion that the player does not know how to skate. this disability has even been found in the nhl ranks, with players such as tomas holmstrom, hal gill, and nik antropov suffering […]

  • jennafer

    a short cute faced girl witth a big b-tt. she is a great friend to have and will be there for you no matter what. she will never leave you. she is super shy and socially awkward. but when she gets behind the controller she is a different person that isn’t afraid to say anything […]

  • jenny-fist

    to be totally owned to the most extreme degree that huge kid got majorly jenny-fisteded by that skinny kid when he kicked him in the face.

  • jerkal tunnel syndrome

    similar to “carpal tunnel syndrome”: pain, tingling, and other problems in your hand because of pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. caused by excessive jerking-off. dude, i can’t even grip the computer mouse – too much wacking-off last night. sh-t – i think i have jerkal tunnel syndrome!

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