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  • state raised

    term used to describe an individual who spent the greater part of their childhood in some form of government funded situation (foster care/welfare/juvenile detention centers) and as an adult in prison and/or jail adjusts to their plight shockingly easy often seeming to thrive whilst incarcerated . usually, but not necessarily used as an insult. hey […]

  • sallee

    the world’s greatest woman. truly sincere, conp-ssionate, adorable, lovable, angel. god’s true gift to mankind. you will know it when you find her. that woman is such a sallee. don’t let her slip away.

  • cheeto p*b*s

    1. an extreme natural phenomenon prized by the few gingers in this world who haven’t shriveled up and died of skin cancer yet. red heads should take pride in such an art of god, since you can’t show them off if you shaved ’em with dad’s razor. 2. often found in gamers, this occurs when […]

  • shaking it

    toronto slang, means doing the most or pushing it person 1: “fam, i’ll pay u back at the end of the week, trust” person 2: “cmon b, ur shaking it”

  • text tennis

    the act of two people constantly texting each other despite being in close proximity. usually to conceal a relationship. the irony being that it is blatantly obvious to everyone in the room what they are doing. “i see the ugly guy and the sl-t are playing text tennis again”. “yeah, pretty obvious eh?” the term […]

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