a girl who is skinny because of her muscles, not from depriving herself of food. you can see her thigh muscles instead of thin legs with hanging skin. this is the most attractive physique on a girl, and can most easily be attained from running.
(1)wow, that girl is so skinny-buff, when she sat down in her mini, her thighs didn’t even squish out over the chair or anything.
(2)whoa, i am a flaming hot stud,and when i see that skinny-buff chick on cross-country, i think she is way hotter than the ano girls who split fun-sizd raisins for lunch, and since i am a popular jock, my opinion matters.
when someone who is ridiculously skinny but still looks ripped when flexing, see capnoawesome vid “skinnybuff”
dude 1:my bro is a skinnybuff
dude 2: what do you mean?
dude 1: hes 5’8, 100 pounds, but he still looks jacked when he flexes

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