jameis winston for ‘strong’. used while rallying teammates.

(see also: ‘we flo’ state!)
“i looked at em and i said ‘are you skrong?’ dey said ‘i skrong if you skrong’ so i said ‘i guess we skrong then!'”
skrong is more a way of life than anything; it can’t be summarized in a definition. skrong is when you hit you pipe way too hard and you get where you need to be. skrong is when you wake up and you see you have 10 more minutes to sleep. skrong is when your homie brings home a handle of vodka; and is willing to share. skrong is life. skrong is what we should all be. without skrong, we would no longer exist. skrong makes life worth living. skrong is a refreshing splash of water when you are thirsty. skrong is the friend that helps you up when you fall down. sometimes in life, its hard to get back on the horse; but skrong will always be there to pick you up when you have fallen.
tmanstom is skrong as f-ck.
basically a mis-pr-nunciation of the word “strong”.

the first half of the company name skronglite.
my feet are skrong!

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