gay comunist, a comunist who likes to have b-tt s-x with other commis and or n-z-s and george bush.
vladimir bakov is a skutcher and has been for years…

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  • skydie

    v. – the act of skydiving without a parachute. cjcl-ss: would you ever skydie s2h: i might cjcl-ss: lets save up for it because i want to go s2h: you’ll have to come up with a really cool reason, like hale bopp or some sh-t

  • Zimma and Peels

    i loves you zimma! ^^ /me cuddles with zimma ^^

  • zimme

    it is speeded up speach for “you hear me?” im going to get a drink, ya zimme

  • Zimmster

    kinda like a quickie, only faster and less satisfying. i got sh-tfaced and ended up with some guy at the bar giving me a zimmster. now i am extra hungover.

  • Zincca

    black guy who plays world of warcraft zincca is a troll rogue with a crazy -ss sister who f-cks up my raids.

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