1. if something excites you to the point of -rg-sm

2. a sarcastic way to describe bad luck

3. something that tastes amazing when you eat it
i won the lotto, that’s sn-tcharific!!

well isn’t that just sn-tcharific.

this pizza is so sn-tcharific!!

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    this is a green discharge from a womans sn-tch i had to wipe her sn-tch snot before i ate her out last night.

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    when one while fingering a girl decides to surprise attack the b-tth-l- with a thumb. usually starts with a loud hawk screech to notify the girl what is about to happen. girl- “moaning” guy- “wreaeah” -inserts thumb girl- -smack guy- “laughs it off” cindy- you look p-ssed amanda- well thats because tom gave me a […]

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