friend: that girl is a snook-mz
me: oh sh-ttzzz really?

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  • ihmty

    “i have m-st-rb-t-d to you” if you want to discretly tell someone that you have m-st-rb-t-d to them before, then say ihmty. “hey jason… ihmty… :)” “kristina, ihmty, hope you dont mind.”

  • olzy

    olzy is used to define someone as a silly, smelly, weird, dodgy and can be said in any manner. this is also used to call someone jewish. gday olzy he’s definitely an olzy don’t add olzy to the group chat.

  • elkaft

    eyan le ku any f-cking time. colloquial yoruba equivalent of yolo. means “an individual can die at any moment” and so they can act reckless a bit. bayo: “are you watching your weight?” segun: “no, i’m going to eat to my heart content because elkaft”

  • brownie pop

    where you put a sucker in your girls but and then eat it. my wife has the best brownie pops

  • phobiaphobiaphobiaphobiaphobia

    the irrational fear of fearing being scared of the fear of fear itself. person 1: i have phobiaphobiaphobiaphobiaphobia. person 2: i have phobiaphobiaphobiaphobia… person 1: kill it with fire -throws up intensely- person 3: hey guys, what’s u- -sees intense vomiting session- blaarrrghh i have phobiaphobiaphobiaphobiaphobiaphobia bellhggggggggff

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