soup kitchen

when a bunch of homeless people have an orgy in a random car
dirty mike and the boys had a soup kitchen in your car (other guys)
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when a group of 4 or more b-ms have an orgy in a vehicle.
hey, you wanna join us? we’re going to turn this red prius into a soup kitchen.
hey are you the b-ms that turned my car into a soup kitchen?
an orgy which occurs when several homeless men engage in -n-l s-x in a red toyota prius.
awww sh-t, dirty mike and the boys had a soup kitchen in my prius.
when a bunch of homeless men or women have an orgy in an abandoned car
check out that soup kitchen going on in the walmart parking lot.
the gathering of homeless men in an abandoned car (usually resembling a red prius) in which an orgy occurs. the hobos typically trash the car and leave condoms and baby mice in the back seat. this sometimes happens in a car that is not even abandoned, but one that is simply parked or is encountering very slow traffic.

this term was established in the movie “the other guys”
hobo #1-“hey mike, did you do anything interesting today?”
hobo#2-“yea! ellen left her prius in the strip club parking lot this afternoon. me and the boys had a nasty soup kitchen in it and we wrecked it. we were suckin down on farts…outrageous fun.”
hobo #1-“no way! wish i could have been there!”
the act of several homeless men breaking into a car, and engaging in an orgy. after the said orgy one hobo is to leave a dead mouse in one of the used condoms as a “gift” for the cars owner.
g-dammit! dirty mike and the boys had another soup kitchen in my car!
a bunch of old homeless dudes that had an orgy in a car.
-police radio-: detective, we found your car.
will ferrell: great.
-police radio-: it was literally giving a hummer to a hummer.
will ferrell: you find anything?
police investigator: yeah, we found a lot of stuff. bodily fluid and hair samples, we determine a bunch of old homeless dudes had an orgy in the car.
will ferrell: oh god.
police investigator: yeah, you know what’s that called when they do that in there? it’s called a soup kitchen. it’s a pretty rough stuff. not long after that, a mama racc–n came along and -sniff- gave birth on the floor. found a deer v-g-n-.
will ferrell: awww, what?!
police investigator: that could’ve just been there from before though. we thought it was human lips at first. i’ve never seen so many fluids.
when a group of homeless people have an orgy in a car and leave all their sweaty homeless juices leftover.
phil the hobo: man that soup-kitchen was awesome last night.

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