pr-nounced sp-a-rk-e. this is a person who plans events for a living and also loves to party. sparke is a professional partier. this person is the life of the party whether attending a party or planing an event. must always look fabulous and sparkled. it is a privilege to -ssociate with a sparke.

the e in sparke stands for events and energy.
time to spark this event up sparke
this party is sparke-licious
sparke is planning this event?
the effect of skyperbating or skype piping too aggressively over your keyboard.
last night’s speed skyping session was amazing, sparkes were flying everywhere
having violent, gay s-x with someone and -j-c-l-t-ng all over the place at the same time. thus creating sparkes.

“man, there’s sparkes everywhere after our ‘encounter’ on the sofa”

“i got my promotion yesterday, but i was cleaning sparkes of my desk for weeks”

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