speng patrol

when you and the boys are out on the town and spot a speng (spastic, fool, idiot) or a group of spengs (spastics, fools, idiots)
hey mate! look at that f***ing speng, we must be on speng patrol tonight

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    the queen of the latrine is an old lady who thinks she is ent-tled to everything, when she is actually ent-tled to a piece-sh-t. boy: “wow…your neighbor is so full of herself” girl: “she’s a queen of the latrine.”

  • bewty

    another way of saying “booty”. she has a nice bewty, i’d tap it all day.

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  • willz

    (verb) when you go running and suddenly and urgently need to p–p really, really bad, and have to p–p in a bush by the side of the road because you can’t make it home in time. i ate too much fiber before my run so i had to willz in front of gary’s house.

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