Spider Eye

n. when someone j-zzes (sperms or ejacualates) in another’s eye. characterized by the image of the sperm stretching like a spider’s legs when the one who was spider eyed opens his/her eye.
some girl: i got spider eyed by someone last night. i wish i knew who though, i was p-ssed out.
me: that really blows. i wonder who would do that.
me thinking: so it actually works.
the result of a person -j-c-l-t-ng into one’s eye whilst they are dormant, on awakening said victim is in a sticky situation, as they believe they are blind, unable to open their eyes.this is often used as a revenge method on an unwilling partic-p-nt of intercourse.

freddy gave kayleigh a spider eye when she fell asleep after refusing to feltch him.

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