something so uber fantabulous…
splendurkin ur urkin gurkin while murkin ur perkin turkin

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  • standroid

    a london underground term referring to a commuter who has the uncanny ability to stand in exactly the right place on a particular train to match the exit doors. man, look at helena pacing up the platform – she’s such a standroid. a combination of the words “standard” and “android” to refer to the android […]

  • The Steam Pipe

    another word for -n-s ” have you ever cleaned the steam pipe of a so called -ss that you have “

  • stank stove

    when someone farts in a moving vehicle and noone will admit it, the driver may lock all the windows and turn the heat on full blast, in effect ‘heating’ and ‘prolonging’ the fart, until someone takes the blame and promises not to do it again, or everyone p-sses out. may alternatively be done just to […]

  • Stanzy

    a pen that includes a tampon inside. i felt my period coming on, but didn’t have a tampon. thank god tapper had a stanzy in english cl-ss or i would’ve bled all over the floor.

  • StarfuckSaturday

    a twitter tend started in august of 2012. the rules are as follows – -find a twitter user with less than 1,000 followers -favorite a large amount of their tweets -mention (@) them and wish them a happy #starf-cksat-rday and ask them to pay it forward. #starf-cksat-rday is a way for us poor folk without […]

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