splendid + morning
splorning! did you sleep well?

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  • justdon'tgiveash*t

    the state the one falls into when one ceases to care about any and everything related to school work… symptoms include: fatigue, excessive drinking, hanging out in dark alleys, wearing odd mismatched clothing, lazy eye paige justdon’tgiveash-t about her statistics exam tomorrow…

  • jack*ss of the day

    a person who repeatedly makes a jack-ss of himself in one day. nick is the jack-ss of the day.

  • jackeloff

    a subst-tue for idiot, or -sshole, usually defines a person’s stupid att-tude and a stpid action you jackeloff why did you have to go and tell her that

  • jacking the wheel

    when you go slow in the fast lane on the highway and expect people to p-ss you on the right just because you don’t feel like getting the f-ck over. they feel the need its there responsibility to control the traffic speeds. buddy 1: “look at this guy doing 100 in the fast lane” buddy […]

  • j*ck*ff of all trades

    somebody who believes that they can mult-task, but in attempting many different endeavors, fails at all or most of them. a failed polymath. an incompetent, wannabe rennaissance man. “dude thinks he’s the jack of all trades. he screwed up the math on the cash register, he can’t speak spanish for sh-t, and after he tried […]

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