i really got no serious spyf wit u.

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  • squackle

    to pinch you -n-l lips as tight as you can and just let the biggest fart rip. i’m gonna pinch my -ss lips together and squackle just for you. hungarian chikin mouse hu stole da squackle

  • squamed

    the new and thereby hip word to use when referring to getting and/or being high on marijuana or affiliated substances. abstract concept derived from the squamous cell my friends and i got rather squamed yester’s evening

  • square wheels

    whom who cannot wheel a broad. check out that duster, hes ridding on square wheels! not being able to pick up chicks. john : i can too pick up chicks. josh : but you have square wheels. when someone cannot wheel somebody, when there wheels are going nowhere, or only last for minimal amounts of […]

  • squasge

    when a girl accidently sits on your d-ck. dude hold on, that girl h-lla just gave me a squasge

  • squatched

    to become bigger, stronger, and hairier. james really got squatched this summer.

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