stamford is where all the rich, pretty, smart b-tches and hott n-gg-s are..legit! the kids pretty much get zooted 24/7. you’ll be seeing high school kids smoking bogies and sippin on 40s everywhere. all the cool kids be postin up downtown at night on fridays or chillen at twin rinks in springdale, smoking blunts in the alleys.. everyone basically wears abercrombie, aeropostale, hollister, ed hardy and nike dunks. uggs are the main thing for pretty b-tches. everyone is just so rich that they spend benjamins on weed. stamford slang is the sh-t and no other state can understand us, definithing is basically our lingo. bangers are our main hobby and theres probably one every single day. the people are mainly white albanians italians blacks and hispanics-dont f-ck with them or theyll f-ck you up. stamford is the sh-t so we out? stamford high is so near downtown that the kids barely go to cl-ss and end up going to dunkin donuts or lightin up a bogie downtown.
yo stamford is the sh-t like legit dude
stamford is a beautiful city in connecticut, about 25 minutes from new york. like every town or city it has its rich people, middle cl-ss, and poor. however, the most people here are generally well off. there are many nice parts of stamford, and some bad parts further down. you can pretty much do anything, like shop, go to the movies, hike, and more. guys and girls seem to have a more prepped-out style and wear many different brands of clothing like ralph lauren, lacoste, j. crew, abercrombie, hollister, and more. the two main public high schools are stamford high and westhill. both are good public schools and have made top lists. you will find many different types of people here from preppy to skaters.
ex. stamford is a nice hard working city
unofficially the second most populous city in connecticut (soon to be confirmed by census results). a great city that has driven economic growth and population expansion primarily through its focus on the finance and film industries. while commended nationally for its low crime rate, stamford also serves as the unofficial pcp capital of connecticut. the illicit substance’s use has been prominent in low income areas of the city since the 1990’s. however, in recent years the commonality of its use has rivaled that of marijuana. the issue has only recently come to light due to multiple high profile crimes committed by persons under the influence of this substance. these crimes included multiple intentional vehicular -ssaults targeting civilians and police officers as well as the shooting in the face of a police officer by an individual under the influence of pcp. in essence, the abuse of this substance has proliferated virtually unrecognized for nearly two decades and has only come to light recently due to high profile crimes involving the drug. nonetheless, stamford remains the safest large city in connecticut despite the rampant pcp use that underlies its successes.
tim: dude, i wanna get f-cked up tonight.

scott: awesome, lets get gram of c-ke and a bottle of liquor.

tim: no… i wanna get so f-cked up, i wake up tomorrow morning walking the streets naked covered in blood.

scott: ohhhh, i get it…. then lets go to stamford to buy a bag of wet then. i know a sh-t load of guys who sell it there. they all keep it in their freezers next to their frozen waffles.
stamford is a city where the girls tend to be preppy b-tches, but pretty hot. and the guys are pretty boys or skater. pretty much everyone here has a lot of money, but there are a couple bad parts of stamford. the public and private schools are good, but stamford high is the bestt.
person- “are you from stamford?”
you- “um. yeah?”
person- “oh…”
you- “how could you tell?”
person- “oh i dont know you just have your collar popped, and you are driving in a bmw. you are rich right?”
you- “why does everyone always -ssume that!”
person- “well…are you?”
you- “….um.. maybe..”
a very beautiful city located 40 minutes outside of new york. if you have ever been to stamford you most likely went to the stamford mall where you can find a widespread variety of people….guidos, albanians, emos, g-ngb-ngers, and illegals. stamford consists of many different areas which are all worthless. there are many activities in stamford you can do for fun such as go to a “banger” where you can trash some random kids house and loot his/her mom’s jewlery. another thing to do for fun is to fight. you will fight at all times over anything such as a dirty look, someone checks out your “b-tch”, or even because someone says h-llo to you the wrong way. the final thing there is to do in stamford is to chill in “the square”. in “the square” you will find the most worthless people partaking in activities such as shooting up heroine, smoking blunts, stabbing people, or smoking cigarets. the style in stamford consists of ed hardy, abercrombie, true religion jeans, air force ones, southpole, ecko, or just any clothes you can find at the stamford mall. also most of the kids have blowouts and with hair gel and spiked up hair. as you can see stamford is the prime place to live for any guido f-ck, albanian sh-t, g-ngb-nger, or straight up misfit.
stamford is the best around!
a noun to describe one who judges with extreme bias. one who sees god’s judgement inferior. this is due to the poser-inhabited town of stamford, connecticut. you can usually find a stamford at stamford high school, one of the many failing schools in connecticut. many people have noticed that trends in other states seem to start in connecticut three years after their popularity. the biggest influence on the creation of a stamford is the reality tv show, jersey sh-r-. a stamford can usually be seen sagging cheap skinny jeans and wearing fake polos and snapbacks hats. many stamfords cannot survive alone, for they are weak and unintelligent. that is why a stamford is almost always seen in small groups consisting of 3-6 other stamfords. common belief is that there is always an alpha male or female in these groups. it is quite easy to spot one because the underlings always seem to cling to him/her.
note: stamfords have no knowledge of any actual trends or memes.
john: “hey james, whats up?”
james: “not much…wtf r u wearing?”
john: “oh these? i spent mad cash on these clothes, $800!”
james: “o rly? i bet that $2 pricetag cost $2 then, huh?
john: “…umm yeah…hehe…”
james: “you’re such a stamford”
john: “what’s that?”
james: -facepalm-
a city full of c-cky dudes that work in finance and girls who think they’re worth your time. it’s overpriced like the rest of ct and should just give up.
think of the worst possible place to live. see also h-ll]. this is stamford

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