a terribly smelly v-g-n-
chelsea has one nasty stankafuss

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  • stank box

    a dirty chick’s tw-t i wanna hit that stank box. whats in between your mothers legs d-mn that b-tches sn-tch smells. shes got a real stankbox

  • Sakyiwaa

    a state of excitement when a football fan creates a high pitched scream while the ball is on the appropriate side of the end zone; a joyful burst of excitement. usually marked with a negative, annoyed, or spastic connotation. guy 1: “man, why’d you have to go to the ear doctor?” guy 2: “oh, i […]

  • saltedsack

    1)sperm on a n-ts-ck. 2)when a man c-ms on his n-ts-ck. 3)a tasty snack for your female partner. 1) i gave my b-tch a saltedsack for lunch the other day. 2) my woman loves when i have a saltedsack.

  • Salasiah

    a very rude, nasty, jealous, untrustworthly, over all horrible person. salasiah always talks sh-t about others and is negative. whatever you do dont be a salasiah. dont be a friend to salasiah

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    a s-xual act in which, when reaching climax, the man withdraws his p-n-s from s-xual release, then proceeds in -j-c-l-t-ng in a straight line up the side of the woman’s cheek and circling the eye to form a monocle composed of s-m-n. this is not to be confused with the “gl-ss eye” or “salty sungl-sses” […]

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