someone wishing to stand out by voicing their own opinions. the fact i’m voicing my opinion on this is irrelevant. also attention whoring in the way they dress etc
hey, you hip emo crowd…stop being such a statement. ’cause your not…
people include : anyone with a livewh-r-nal account, or anyo9ne who is dumb enough to stand up for what they believe in.

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  • encyclopornia

    adj. one who is a human encyclopedia of the best p-rn websites hey alonzo i heard you got a virus from browsing p-rn, you should go talk to jacob he is an encyclop-rnia, he knows all of the safe p-rn websites.

  • Stationary Fuel

    another name for p-rn that you do not watch, you just look at it. (pictures) my internet was down so i had to settle for stationary fuel.

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