alfred, 1817–75, english painter and sculptor.
george (cooper) 1905–75, u.s. film director.
john c-x
[koks] /kɒks/ (show ipa), 1749–1838, and his son robert livingston, 1787–1856, u.s. engineers and inventors.
john paul, born 1920, u.s. jurist: -ssociate justice of the u.s. supreme court 1975–2010.
nettie marie [net-ee] /ˈnɛt i/ (show ipa), 1861–1912, u.s. cytogeneticist.
thaddeus, 1792–1868, u.s. abolitionist and political leader.
wallace, 1879–1955, u.s. poet.
a male given name.
contemporary examples

stevens, who spoke arabic, took up his appointment as amb-ssador to libya in the spring of this year.
u.s. envoy to libya killed ali gharib september 11, 2012

what might the government have done to prevent the death of stevens and three other diplomats?
finger-pointing set to begin in fatal attack on u.s. compound in libya winston ross september 13, 2012

the daily beast met stevens in a dreary new york hotel room.
dan stevens blows up ‘downton’: from chubby-cheeked aristo to lean, mean american psycho tim teeman september 18, 2014

when that happened, stevens had mostly retired from public life.
ted stevens’ final chapter alexandra gutierrez august 10, 2010

russell said of the 2012 benghazi emb-ssy attack that killed u.s. amb-ssador stevens.
would-be congressman can’t quit saddam gideon resnick june 26, 2014

historical examples

stevens seemed disquieted and looked around him suspiciously.
charlemont w. gilmore simms

mr. stevens was born in middles-x county, m-ssachusetts, january, 1821.
cleveland past and present maurice joblin

captain stevens, i would like to have you do a little detached duty.
sustained honor john r. musick,

mr. stevens was one of the most acute and learned bibliographers i have known.
a book for all readers ainsworth rand spofford

there were also a couple of bottles of vodka, or russian whiskey, upon which stevens seized eagerly.
the north pacific willis boyd allen

thaddeus (ˈθædɪəs). 1792–1868, us radical republican politician. an opponent of slavery, he supported reconstruction and entered the resolution calling for the impeachment of president andrew johnson
wallace. 1879–1955, us poet, whose books include the collections harmonium (1923), the man with the blue guitar (1937), and transport to summer (1947)

masc. proper name, anglicized form of stephen (q.v.). a top 20 name for boys born in the u.s. between 1949 and 1976; the -ph- form was more popular until 1960s.
american biologist who identified the role of x and y chromosomes in determining the s-x of an organism. stevens studied the chromosomes of mealworm beetles, first establishing that chromosomes are inherited in pairs. she later showed that eggs fertilized by x-carrying sperm produced female offspring, while y-carrying sperm produced male offspring. she extended this work to studies of s-x determination in various plants and insects.

verb phrase

to take responsibility; to step forward to take care of something

[reference to baseball]
see: even-steven

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