a girl’s dirty b-tthole.
did you eat her stina like groceries?
a girl who is a complete bad-ss. she is definitely a baller. pretty much the biggest boss you’ve seen thus far. she’s a ton of fun to be around and she’s funny.
i wish i could get like stina.
a female that you do not want to mess with for many many reasons…
person: yo mazz, what are you doing tonight?
mazz: i think im hanging out with stina.
person: f-ck f-ck f-ck sh-t
a stina is a predator from the deepest parts of the argentinian forrests spread out to different countries by sneaking onto airplanes.

a stina is highly fund of alcohol and if it consumes enough it will start a strong mating ritual with the nearast male species. once the stina is finished mating it is likely start at sucking the eyeball out of its prey/matingpartners socket.

be aware that a stina is amazing in bed because of its animalistic characteristics.
i know! that must have been a stina!
stina is an norwegian name. people who are named stina tend to think that they are kings. but they’r not!! they also use to go to karate. so whatch out, dont say something against her. she may use har karate skills and trick you to fall down the stairs!
ooo sh-t, a stina! whatch out for that stair!
1: a greeting that can turn into something out of the ordinary.
2: greeting that can turn for the worst.
3: unusual, eccentric.
dude 1: hey man what’s crackalackin’?
dude 2: not much, what’s shakin’ bacon?
dude 1: not much, can’t complain, can’t complain. what’s that in your hand there man?
dude 2: your worst freaking nightmare man.
dude 1: holy sh— this is a stina! i don’t wanna die!
dude 2: well you should have thought about that before you—


dude 2: oh dude, that was…

blonde hair, green eyes, texas native, beautiful beyond words, amazingly intelligent, definitely not a crack hoe abortion loving c-m guzzling person
stina is by far the most amazing person in the world.
someone who loves her pooh bear a lot!
tigger loves pooh bear with all of her heart!

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