norman kalisch
friend 1: “look at norman kalisch!!”
friend 2:”he is the most stunning man in the world!!”
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1. very good-looking
2. attractive
3. s-xy
wow look at him! he is stunning!
beyond gorgeous; remarkable.
what a stunning young man.
awesomely beautiful, gorgeous to look at
that dress is stunning, i must wear it
the striking, cultivating beauty of a female giving pause (loss of thought) and causes astounding captivation and l-st to another. the observer’s characteristics of a woman found to be stunning are ‘deer-the-headlights’ and jaw-dropping facial behaviors, as well as loss of speech generated from the concentrated efforts to suppress the uncontrollable arousal stemming from desire. this differs from beautiful, s-xy, and gorgeous in that it highlights elegance and cl-ss.
“did you see tarra?” “ya, seen her at the pool today and she stopped me in my tracks, she is stunning.”
an adjective used to describe someone who gives you b-tterflies every time they enter the room and who make it impossible to focus on anything but them. also in some cases, a word used to describe someone you would do absolutely anything for!
dude, she was stunning!
super s-xy,really hott
payton looked stunning in that picture
term used to describe a woman who is so beautiful her looks can basically stun a man into insensibility.
you see that girl tamara over there? she. is. stunning!

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