a medical condition (subset of sepsis) resulting from unsafe – unnecessarily so – back alley abortions as a result of the “stupak amendment” to the 2009 health care reform bill.
doctor: unfortunately, while this would have been covered under private insurance carriers, public plans were barred from including women’s health measures. i’m sorry, you’ll have to see “dr. julio” in the alley behind 7-11.

(three weeks later.)

doctor: i believe you’ve developed stupak, a form of sepsis, a severe illness in which the bloodstream is overwhelmed by bacteria.
adj: imposing religious beliefs of one group on another, especially through legislation or financial pressure.
you thought that forcing schools to teach creationism was stupak? how about forcing poor women into back alley abortions? that’s the stupakest thing i’ve ever heard.
to do something ridiculous, silly, moronic, stupid, asinine, idiotic, etc.

to add an unnecessary abortion amendment to a health care bill.
wow you really stupaked that health care bill in the house.

please shut your stupak mouth.

man, that’s a load of stupak.

that guy must have been really stupak, he answered incorrectly for every test question.
the act of throwing a woman under a bus, inspired by rep. stupak’s amendment on the health care reform bill.
i can’t believe they let her take all the blame! they totally stupaked her!
dipsh-t, n-mbn-ts, someone who really has sh-t for his brains, someone who comes up with lame ideas.
don’t be a stupak, you are making us look like idiots!
to be betrayed by someone you thought was an ally.
caesar said: “dude, i was stupaked by brutus on the way to the senate.”
styoo pak -verb: to “stupak” is to lie and manipulate so as to cover one’s b-tt. to stupak is to disingenuously protest something knowing full well that you will later support it, thus enabling you to make claim to both sides of a black-and-white argument.

alternate meaning: to vote on a health care bill only after making a deal with president obama to sign an executive order that will make abortions not covered under the bill. this same executive order obama can repeal at his will, and is no longer in effect when he leaves office.
ex: wow. the government just stupaked us good.

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