1. a v-g-n- of such high quality that it is faster than a girl’s silver bullet. able to take the repeated pounding of a speeding a locomotive. able to jump large b-n-rs in a single bound —

2. a person; usually a female, but not exclusively, that is such an evil soul-devouring wicked person that they have transcended the derogatory term “c-nt” and created a mobile extra dimensional vortex surrounding themselves that insulates them from our reality and lets them believe that they are a “good person,” but makes them blazingly obvious to those of us on the outside of their small pocket universe.
1. ‘look, up in the sky,’ ‘it’s a bird,’ ‘it’s a plane,’ ‘it’s a superc-nt.’

2. did you see the swirling vortex around hillary and ann? they’re a couple of superc-nts.
2 more definitions
a female mostly from the northern states thats ,knows all ,and or thinks she knows all,and can’t even ask a simple question without being a mega b-tch.nomally a b-tch on a power trip.
my co worker is being a real super c-nt today.
superc-nt; someone who eats fat peoples feelings
graham: i ate the fat birds feelings, i am superc-nt

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