to be in a situation or event in which one race outnumbers all others at a frightening level. those of another race are therefore “surrounded.”
(2 black men at a concert)

“i thought you said we were going to see busta rhymes, this is leann rimes!”

“oh my bad. lets get the h-ll out of here, these white folks got us -surrounded!-
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the feeling you get when you are dealing with a bunch of idiots.
we drove by white castle burgers, i said “let’s get some white castle” & they didn’t stop… “surrounded!!”
to be in a situation or event in which one race highly outnumbers all others. it is often used when those of another race are scared. it don’t matter if you black, white, or polka dot… if you’re not one of them, you’re surrounded.
(2 black guys at a concert)

“man i thought you said it was gonna be busta rhymes… this is leann rimes son!”

“oh my bad man let’s get the h-ll up outta here, we’re -surrounded- right now!!!”

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