way of the road

noun: a saying used to aggrandize a weird, uncomfortable, or unusual comment or situation. the saying originated from the show trailer park boys where ray, a drunk ex-trucker, vindicated his greasy actions by claiming they’re simply an acceptable part of the trucker lifestyle, the “way of the road”.
when bubbles asked why he was throwing his p-ss jugs all over the trailer park ray simply replied, “way of the road bubs, way of the road.”

bubbles: “but ray, they’re ‘ladies of the evening’.. can’t it just be the two of us on the road?”
ray: “they’re friends of the road bubs, come on- be hospitable. it’s the way of the road.”

jenny: “why did you whip it out at the restaurant? we were having such a nice, quiet meal..”
kevin: “idk, way of the road?”

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