also known as a she w-nker! most often times a sl-t in denial. will often woo attractive guys, solely for the purpose of s-xual pleasure and gratification, but withhold s-x for ridiculously long periods in order to ‘date’ them, and convince herself she is not a wh-r-. that given the relationship is always escalating without merit.
dude: i’m getting married to that turkish girl next week!
real bro: are you crazy, you just met yesterday, and only kissed once!
dude: this one is different!
real bro: i had a three way with her two days ago! she’s a sw-nker!
n:sw-nk’er: a hipster who is drunk, but is too hip to admit they’re drunk, hence they refer to themselves in the sw-nk manner, as “still cool.”

v: to sw-nk: the act of a hipster being drunk, yet playing it cool.

adj: sw-nk: used to describe someone of the hipster type, as drunk but trying to play it cool.
examples of base “sw-nk” and its forms in use.

n: “look at that sw-nker, he is obviously drunk and should return to his studio apartment before embarr-ssing himself further.

v: “play it down bro, no more beer, i am sw-nking as it is.”

adj: “yeah she was a sw-nk woman, playing it all cool and then proceeding to vomit on my mittens.”
a w-nker who swaggers
look at that sw-nker
sw-nkers,w-nker,panzy,b-tch,p-ssy, winer
a woman who resembeles hilary sw-nk
check out that sw-nker on 16th street mall.
a person with warty genitallion
dave has -n-l warts therefore he is a sw-nker.

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