noun – an extended soulpatch. a long vertical strip of facial hair directly below the lower lip, beneficial for stimulating the taint during cunningulis or salad tossing.
while i was “eating at the y”, my taintbrush drove her crazy!
also known as a “soul patch.” hair grown below the lower lip and above the chin. so named for its applications in oral s-x. useful for accusing friends of h-m-s-xuality.
nice beard guy, how does your boyfriend like the taint brush?
a long goatee that brushes/tickles the taint when you eat p-ssy
i wouldn’t want to smell his taint brush after he eats p-ssy.
when a guy has a little patch of hair directly below his lips. it’s not a full goatee. when a guy goes down on a girl, this patch of hair brushes up against the chick’s taint. also known as a soul patch.

look at that douche bag… he needs to shave off the taint brush.
a taintbrush is when someone walks around on a hot summer day, saturating the taint and its hairs with sweat. once saturated, it is then used to paint on a sleeping person’s forehead.
my roommate used his taintbrush on his sleeping girlfriend and blinded her by getting sweat in her eyes!
a male or female tongue. the word is generally used to describe a tongue when it is used during oral s-x.
she used her taint brush on my -ss when she was giving me sloppy head.
the article used to clean or scrub one’s taint. can be anything from a toothbrush to streetsweeper depending on the size and severity of taint uncleanliness. traditionally used by females; males use grundle brushes.
stay out from under meredith, she hasn’t used a taint brush in years.

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