the word talibeh means n-gg- and will f-ck u up
i will talibeh u

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  • fedo-po

    a hip fashion in where a male or female has a ponytail while wearing a fedora. especially popular in professional environments. “yo, bro, did you see that guys sweet fedo-po?” “ya bro, i’ve got sick hair envy.”

  • nilaya

    a person who’s vocals are amazing, and who’s beauty is extravagant. “wow, that woman is quite a nilaya, she sings better than britney spears!”

  • liberally

    doing things like a typical liberal. subst-tute for literally she liberally called out of work 3 minutes after her shift started.

  • throat dick

    throat d-ck (noun) – an individual insufferable to the degree that their presence causes those around them to experience a swelling of intolerance that, based on their level of ire, bursts forth from the throat. this insult is derived from the x- files episode – firewalker (1994) – in which a silicon based parasitic fungus […]

  • wallphobia

    wallphobia is when your scared of walls well long lives mexico i can’t breath there is a wall i think i have wallphobia

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