talk no jutsu

talk no jutsu (also known as therapy no jutsu), commonly abbreviated as tnj, is naruto uzumaki’s strongest jutsu. using it, he can talk to the most evil, depressed, monstrous, horrible person and make them change their entire life’s ideology in the matter of minutes.

this jutsu was taught to naruto by his mentor iruka umino when he tried to save naruto even though naruto was blamed for his parents death. tnj also seems to be iruka umino’s only jutsu.

obito uchiha, is the only known uchiha to be tnj-able by naruto but was at first unable to work and ends up strangling naruto. so naruto developed punch no jutsu, bringing obito to a new level of tnj and being tnj-ed by himself. with the combined power of sage mode and tailed beast mode, naruto unlocked a new wallpaper for his tnj, a wallpaper so powerful not even the parallax wallpapers of ios 7 can defeat. it seems that naruto enhances his talk no jutsu with flashback no jutsu, a variant of the mother jutsu which usually accompanies the former. obito, in this case, was punched so hard that he was put into flashback and started to tnj on himself.
talk no jutsu is bullsh-t

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