the dude that is just plain the g.o.a.t or greatest of all time
aye it’s taofiq doing that awesome backglip.

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  • mylena dingus pounder

    a person who is considered a dingus by acting goofy or awkward and has the minimal intelligence to be be considered a dingus malingus, yet they are super cute and a high school graduate. “woah whah that chick is such a dingus, she’s reading that book upside down!” “nah bro thats a mylena dingus pounder”

  • a rat c**n

    they are a c–n but a rat c–n see the difference is this rat c–n is f-cking r-t-rded and thinks they are cute hey that’s a c–n no that’s she is a rat c–n for being r-t-rded.

  • wakie

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  • strawberry surprise

    the surprise when you look in the mirror after the act of going down on a woman in the dark whilst she is unaware she is menstruating. dude, what happened to your face?”. “strawberry surprise man…….. the act of secretly filling your -n-s with chocolate syrup and plugging your b-tt with a strawberry. when this […]

  • lawton houser

    a h-m-s-xual who only dates girls to hide that he is g-y. i heard you were g-y, dont be a lawton houser.

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