tchernundrelum | pr-nounced “chər-nun-drel-uhm” (n.):

a tchernundrelum is when google doesn’t even know what you’re talking about, and you get “your search did not match any doc-ments”. however, tchernundrelums shouldn’t be tchernundrelums for long. they have a home, called urban dictionary. and no worries, you’re not stupid, if you find that your searches are consistently tchernundrelums. the world obviously just wasn’t ready for you. you’re a forward thinker– ahead of google’s time. you’re basically a dictionary.
i googled “flaskeegy” and google gave me an error message. google had no clue what i was talking about, zero info or pictures, and said my word didn’t match any doc-ments. “flaskeegy” is a tchernundrelum.

confusion confusing confused stupid stupidity error define definition stupendous genius artiethestrongestmanintheworld magoo

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