also known as “sh-t.d.r”, it is american universities way of torturing the student body. it was recently approved by d-ck cheney and the pentagon as an advanced form of enhanced interrogation/torture for guantanamo bay. if you eat here for dinner and walk out alive, consider yourself lucky. bear grilles is afraid of eating at tdr. if you come here, expect a hospital visit within the first 24 hours. food here looks like what they fed indiana jones in the movie “the temple of doom”. the only good food is on orientation day and the minute your parents leave, h-ll descends upon american university. the beef here is actually dog food.
american university student 1:”hey, look john, there’s a hobo.”

john(also au student):”wow, i never seen one this close to campus. do you think he’s hungry?”

au student 1:”yea.”

john:”let’s invite him to tdr. i can give him one of my swipes.”

au student 1: hey hobo, do you want to eat with us at tdr? i’ll pay for you.”

hobo: “f-ck you -sshole. what, do you want to kill me? i’d rather eat my own foot!”
top down, rims spinning. an ecstatic state where life is good and you are one with the world.
craig: hey john, how’s it going man?
john: tdrs b-tches!
tdr (two dudes riding) a situation when two males are riding on a motorvehicle where the one males legs are wrapped around the other. commonly occurs on motorcycles or waverunners.
joe: my car broke down can you give me ride bill.
bill: there is no tdr allowed on my motorcycle!
a dude who is tall dark and good looking but so dumb the h for handsome is subst-tuted with an r for r-t-rded
check out that tdr over there.
triple dutch rudder: (v) it is when three guys hold his own p-n-s with one arm while holding the other guy’s arm with the other and slowly moving the other guy’s arm up and down. (v) a man giving another man pleasure without holding the other man’s p-n-s. (v) masturbating another without touching the other’s genitals
i saw those guys tdr’ing.

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