1) a type of logic about computers, cellphones and computer codes (e.g. javascript, c++)
2) what every programmer has
programmer: i can hack an account for you.
guy: really? can you hack my gfs account?
programmer: certainly. just let me use your computer for an hour.
-one hour later-
programmer: done.
guy: how did you do that?
programmer: i have a lot of techno logic!
a song by daft punk used to infer the radical evolutionary change society has taken towards a more technological world… technologic, the technology and industrial logic behind the technology (derrived from technological)
what, you havn’t looked at our technologic society these days?

mobile phones have become part of our technological civilization
when a person listens to too many techno and house songs.
look, that guy is shuffling! he must be a technologic.

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