teddy bear time bomb

a nuclear bomb wrapped in a teddy bear. figuratively speaking, it is someone who bottles all of their feelings inside over the course of several weeks and even months before finally letting it all out without warning, sometimes on people that had nothing to do with their misfortunes or shortcomings. you may never see it coming too, because they could appear to completely fine until one day you or someone else does something to p-ss them off. the slightest offense to that individual could incur their wrath (whether that’s verbal abuse or physical harm), surprising everyone around them due to the behavior appearing out of nowhere (they may even take the person’s side since they don’t understand the whole story). it is best to stay as far away from them as possible, so that you don’t get caught up in the mushroom cloud as well. people like that can be very dangerous if handled the wrong way.
*lunch period in high school*
chad: “i wouldn’t mess with him if i were you, that guy just got released from juvie last month. that guy is like a teddy bear time bomb.”
trevor: (laughs at chad) “a what? you watch too much t.v. man. what does that even mean?”
chad: “i’m serious dude, i heard he had to be relocated once after almost stabbing one of the inmates with a broken toothbrush. it took three security guards to hold him down. ever since that day he’s been quiet and keeps to himself, who knows what might happen, he could be some kind of psycho now.”
trevor: *ignores chad and continues to approach the guy anyways*
*gets beat up*
juvie kid: “you want a piece of me too?!”
chad: *nervously shakes his head*

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