greatest fighting game ever
unmatched depth in gameplay. probably take 10 years to master all the layers of depth within just tekken 3. b-tton mashing aint gonna get you far on this one. the fighting system isnt based on over the top infinities, shooting fireb-lls, or over powered moves. yet it is still so fun.
i like tekken tag more than tekken 4.
hopefully tekken 5 will rock.
namco’s 1st fighting game series.
first and foremost, tekken is never a clone of other series!!

only wapanese otakus who own virtua fighter and dead or alive are just jealous that tekken is more popular than the 2 mentioned games.
a 3-d fighting game developed by namco, the people who brought you pac man and soul calibur. the controls are right kick, left kick, right punch, and left punch (press nothing to block;it’s weird but makes some people’s lives easier). it is one of the top fighting games (it’s been repeated hundreds of times, but no one really pays attention) out there, but the people who say tekken’s gay are just jealous lil otaku since their ecchi game dead or alive is in the bottom pit with other cr-ppy fighting games or the fact the person sucked at playing it.
over the years, tekken developed from just another 3-d game into a fun, original fighting game. if a fighting piece of wood or a usable character that shoots lasers isn’t original, then what is?
don’t worry, the plot of tekken isn’t really that complicated. it’s just a big tournament called king of the iron fist made by the mishimas, that brings the top fighters together to earn the t-tle of the best fighter or win the tekken zaibatsu.
there’s a varitey of characters to choose from, which makes this game fun and entertaining. the tekken fandom might not be as big, but many people have enjoyed playing it.
if you never played a 3-d fighting game before, i recommend you to try this game out. it’s a game the whole family can enjoy! 🙂
i wanna play tekken 5 again!

dude, you play tekken also?

tekken’s t-te! you gotta try it out!

hey, who’s your favorite tekken character?
kick -ss über game, not exactly easy to beat, nothing like street fighter, never played virtua fighet or whatever, but im gonna get it. tekken is the best fighitng game i’ve ever played and probably ever will play.
all the tekken games are über cool, they own other fighting games.
the way in which fighting arts are formed, by ones soul and ki energy. thus tekken is released in the most serious sitution and makes a warrior a hero
kazuya was almost dead, he struggled to stand. he looked inside himself to find his tekken and found the energy to win
1.) also known as “the king of the iron fist.” it is a tournament where fighters from all over the world search for their true destiny. many have failed and few have found their true fate.
2.) best f-ckin fighting game ever!
1.) marshall law: are you gonna enter the tournament?
paul phoenix: h-ll yeah man, i’ll see you there and beat your -ss.
marshall law: that’s what you’ve been saying the past decade paul, it hasn’t happened yet.
2.) other fighting games: virtua fighter, and other wanna-be’s.


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