Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets

highly regarded military college in texas.

the corps of cadets vision:
to be the premier college undergraduate leadership development program in the united states. the corps of cadets will be a widely recognized leader in the study and application of effective leadership, the commissioning of the most outstanding officers in the nation from all three of the military service reserve officer training corps programs, and the graduation of productive young leaders who are actively sought for their character, skills, and leadership abilities by all sectors of american society.
cadets from texas a&m university corps of cadets represent excellence in every way.
a glorified reserve officer training corps in which the sole purpose of every individual is to earn both the right to wear a pair of thousand dollar boots and the right to walk on gr-ss.
bill is a senior in the texas a&m univresity corps of cadets and paid for his thousand dollar boots yesterday so he can walk on the gr-ss today!
a small group of people who are ignorant enough to get hazed every day and follow mind-numbingly pointless rules such as not walking on gr-ss, unless a senior; having to run to the end of halls out of their way to greet uppercl-ssmen; and basically subjecting themselves to whats been called by a former major general from west point, “more cruel and unorthodox practices than what is accepted at the military academy, or in any armed service branch”
“the texas a&m university corps of cadets… a place where freshman thru juniors put up with cr-p just to have ‘privileges’ i’ve had since i first got here, and the right to wear ugly boots that cost over $1000”

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