the davids

muscly lines separating a man’s thigh/hip-region from the torso.
the name comes from the statue of david by michalangelo.

this region is sometimes confused with the gruffudd (the hair above the p-n-s).
he has hot davids, he works out.

i love to touch the davids of guy, even a guy who’s not in shape.
an asian hairstyle, much like the mullet. often featuring highlights of unnatural colors, extra long tails, and may be accompanied by a poor fashion sense.
omigod! i can’t believe that old man is rocking the david.
muscly lines separating a man’s torso from his hips/thighs.
these lines point the way to ‘the gruffudd.’
always used with ‘the’
the davids point to the gruffudd
to jack off multiple times in a day
i do the david once in awhile, ya know?
to get p-ssy multiple times a day
god hes so lucky, he does the david all the time

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