the sjw game

a game in which a social justice warrior (often privileged upper cl-ss white people in their 20s) play which consists of two rounds. round 1 is a contest to see who can explain how any given non-offensive comment is in fact hate speech or a “microagression”. round 2 is a contest to see who can act the most offended by the comment from round one. a bonus is awarded if you can act offended on behalf of a group to which you do not belong, the only move that can beat that is grabbing someone that is part of the group that would be offended and telling them you are sorry and you love them.
sean burst into tears and started yelling at a door to door salesman for saying h-llo, he then went on to explain how “h-llo” discriminates against illiterate trans african americans. i thought he would win but then jake showed up with an illiterate trans african american and started apologizing on behalf of the salesman, he totally won the sjw game.

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