the treatment

to thuroghly beat someones -ss. a term most often used by black folk
ima give leeroy the treatment son. whaaaaaat!
when someone takes another persons property and rubs it in the area of their genitalia.
dude… adam just gave evans work gloves the treatment. after that, evan threw his gloves away…
when two or more men make love to a woman at the same time with the express goal of providing as much pleasure to her as possible.
“honey, you’ve been so stressed from the kids, pta, soccer practice, and everything else that i decided to call a couple guys from the station over so that we can all give you the treatment tonight.”
the act of -j-c-l-t-ng a girl on her face while she is asleep, take her money from her purse and leave through her bedroom window.
“n-gg-, i caught my girl fonda giving mad head to jermaine, so i snuck in and gave that b-tch the treatment.”

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