the urban dictator

the most awsome defeniton-writer in the history (and future) of urban dictionary!
the urban dictator has started a urban dictionary democracy!

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  • endless

    the man of your dreams, wet dreams. the s-xiest papi chulo alive with a big heart and a big dih to match with an exclusive dxracer. see also totoliscious endless es sooo s-xy, i want endless inside me

  • karakaya

    a precious little rock you just want to put in your pocket and carry with you at all times. look at that little goat, i could just karakaya it.

  • vonvon

    a fat grotesque double chinned troll who try’s to be the ruler of all social media. floats about sticking her fat nose into people’s business and has a word for everything until she’s proven wrong. that vonvon is back at it again thinking she’s all high and mighty on facebook and twitter. the fat bint […]

  • alimamy

    someone who tall, dark and f-cking s-xy. can destroy kids on nba 2k and in basketball. that guy is so alimamy. i versed him in nba last night. he destroyed me.

  • witch vibe

    an unconfirmed, sometimes irrational sure feeling about a situation or theory that has not yet occurred or been tested. coined by fashion stylist rachel zoe. “i know you don’t know the s-x of the baby yet, but i’m getting a witch vibe you’re having a girl.”

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