a text based game where corruption is around every corner, strength is dependent over how much of a life you do not have, contains a m-ssive amount of illiterate idiots and lack good role playing. most mods think they are good but in all honesty, most (not all) suck. if something is said out against them, they will most likely retaliate angrily (the truth is a b-tch, ain’t it). admins are not often seen (those who are admins now either do not care, are b-tches -cough- obvious, right? -cough-, or are excessively angry). all of those points are then justified with the fact that tnr is full of dumb-sses that drive them insane (and partly this is true, but they -are- admins, aren’t they? they should suck it up or leave). most players are full of it, such as the strong ones who botted their ways to the top and think they are the rulers of tnr, which they are far from. people often make female accounts in order to wh-r- themselves up to the top. female accounts prove very useful in this game. overall, this game is a waste of time where many people meet their best friends and, for a few, their future husbands and wives. (not promoting this site. no one should honestly play this game other than the people already playing it).
“i r 133t plyr on theninja-rpg nd i awsumr dan j00 kay?????? giv meh ryozz nao”
“…stfu, noob”
an online naruto game. learn the way of the shin-bi as you start as an aspiring academy student. fight your way to the top to become the kage: the single shadow that protects your village from any danger, or become your village’s worst nightmare as a wandering outlaw of pure darkness.
don’t you just love theninja-rpg!?

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