tom michuda
yeah i like to party and get with s-xy theta’s… i’m the thetaman

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  • The Tom Brady

    the act of -j-c-l-t-ng into a woman (or man’s) “b-tt chin” dude i totally did the tom brady right into her chin!

  • The Welcome Kit

    1. this dope band with cool beats 2. a kit that realtors give to people to welcome them to their new home 1. d-mn son, i get down to the welcome kit 2. d-mn son, that ho just gave me a welcome kit and now i’m ready to move in to my new house!

  • the treatment

    to thuroghly beat someones -ss. a term most often used by black folk ima give leeroy the treatment son. whaaaaaat! when someone takes another persons property and rubs it in the area of their genitalia. dude… adam just gave evans work gloves the treatment. after that, evan threw his gloves away… when two or more […]

  • The White Tie Affair

    the most amazing pop rock band around! hometown:chicago suburbs il. lead singer-chris wallace guitar-sean p drums-tim mclaughlin b-ss-ryan cook keyboard-ryan mcclain. the band toured with warped tour 09 and many more all within the same year (2009) while they might not be well known now they’re sure to blow up soon. just go on youtube […]

  • The Windows Plague

    a plague that seems to have infected millions of people around the world, it’s one known effect is lulling people into the false belief that pc’s are better than mac’s. it may sound silly but is an increasing problem having enormous effects on todays society. the one known cure to this malicious disease is an […]

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