on a message board, the inside of a topic revealing all the messages.
this thread sucks!
colloquial term for clothing
n. fancy clothes
hey, don’t touch the threads
topic started in message boards
“hey i started a new thread today about how to smoke illegal drugs.”
a boy/girl who is to afraid to talk to the opposite s-x about out of school activities. the thread group is a confidence booster for those who don’t talk to the opposite s-x and provides a sense of camaraderie/fraternity among other threads. a term -ssociated with threads is thread shock. thread shock is defined as the condition in which a person is too stunned to talk to the opposite gender that he/she doesn’t reply. the hierarchy of threads is as follows from top to bottom: thread founder, thread g-d, thread prophet, thread legacy (in the case that you are related to a former thread member), and thread star. the secret handshake of the thread is fist-pounding yourself or high-fiving yourself after someone else high-fives or fist-pounds you, which serves as a symbol for the elevated sense of confidence one receives when among other threads.
thread shock:

kendall: hey bob! what’s up?

bob: -thinks- is she talking to me? why are my hands sweating so much? should i reply? nah, i can betray the thread, i’m better off not replying.

thread life:

friend: hey bob, are you going to kendall’s party tonight?

bob: nah man, i’m thread. talking to girls outside of school would mean betraying the thread
1.) a slang term for clothing

2.) a post on the internet primarily a forum.

3.) a piece of string/ cloth
john: dude did you read my thread about my threads being composed of threads.

helen: can you not talk like a f-cking r-t-rd?
nice threads guy! lookin pimp!

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