throat cream

a slang term for male -j-c-l-t- (i.e. s-m-n). this term is a reference to the fact that this special cream is best utilized by applying it to the inside of your lover’s throat, generally as the culmination of a deepthroat bl-wj-b (either f-ll-t– or irrumatio). throat cream is seen as a nice gift to give your partner as a reward after you throat f-ck them, especially if they gag a lot. note that the throat cream need not necessarily be applied directly to the throat – though that is a excellent option- but can also be applied to tongue, so as to enhance the recipient’s appreciation of its taste.

alternative terms include: throat yogurt, nut b-tter, j-zz, j-zzum, sp-nk, c-m, s-m-n, load, wad, etc.
after roughly throat-f-cking his sweet little girlfriend, alex gave her a nice load of his thick and tasty throat cream.

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