masterbating while taking a sh-t
dude my phone fell in the toilet while i was doing the thumpkin
a more powerful blumpkin; a blumpkin with ‘a little more umph.’ a quickly and fiercely delivered blumpkin, often resulting in m-ssive amounts of sh-t water and s-m-n splatter with heavy collateral.
1. so my girl sat me down on the john and we proceeded to experiment with a blumpkin. it went downhill from there and i ended up getting more of a thumpkin than anything else. by the end of it, us and the whole god-d-mned bathroom was covered in sh-t and c-m.

2. yeaup, so i pressured lisa into giving me a blumpkin the other day… bad idea. instead i got a m-ssive thumpkin that blew out the lights and shattered my mirror. the toilet’s f-cked too.
when somebody gives a man a bl-wj-b while playing call of duty.
yo, yesterday i was playing cod and my girlfriend gave me a thumpkin
one who is being a -ss
dum thumpkin
recieving head while taking a sh-t
my high school lacrosse coach told us of the thumpkin his girlfriend gave him.

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