Tick Turd

used in smokey and the bandit.
1. a tick’s t-rd.
2. some one who is completely stupid, dumb.
synonyms – f-g, r-t-rd, slow puff, dummy, heffer.

antonyms – awesomesauce, cool dude, wicked sick, super!, nice and any thing else under this category.
“you tick t-rd! i ougghta slap your momma!”
when some men takes a dump a small portion of the excretion is hung up in the r-ct-m when the external sphincter ani muscles pinch off the delivery. it will remain there no matter how much pushing or wiping is done. it will only be dislodged and delivered through the r-ct-m after a few good farts. a tickt-rd is the source of most skid marks in a mans underware.
honey, its those d-mn tickt-rds that leave the skid marks!
a little peace of sh-t
dude your such a f-cking tickt-rd

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