that n-gg- where ever he go
tigee got that bag 🎒

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  • scoughies

    throat nasties, as in the mucous and germs in your throats when you have a cough madison: don’t kiss me, you have scoughies

  • jallingham

    a 150% certified racist, h-m-s-xual gender bender with a peculiar taste for underage boys and p-rnography involving said boys having their behinds licked, also has microscopic genitalia and uses 1 sheet of toilet paper to crotch-stuff and appear 3 times larger… mackintosh – “oh god, that dirty jallingham over there is staring up black kids’ […]

  • hotdog meme

    the annoying hotdog dude who breaks into your house and likes to stalk you. some people like him some people do not. person 1: get out of my house *shoots hotdog meme hotdog: i am still alive!!!

  • thanks for the r

    when you text someone and they don’t reply for a long time without reasoning dude 1-(3:30 pm) hey dude, wanna hang later? (4:30 pm) (5:30 pm) (6:30 pm) (7:30 pm) dude 1-(8:30 pm) hey man thanks for the r dude 2-(8:50) oh sorry man i was playing x-box

  • ice pick headache

    painful symptom akin to having one’s skull impaled by a sharp rod normally used to break ice. doctors prescribe aspirin, a sledge hammer, or in severe cases a bullet to relieve ice pick headaches.

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