tiger boyfriend or girlfriend

derived from tiger mother, this is the type of boyfriend who is overprotective of their girlfriend. it can also be the same for a girlfriend too. this type of boyfriend or girlfriend is really strict in order to not feel insecure. they do not allow partying unless they are invited, allow only communications at school, don’t allow their partner to add random people on facebook and monitor who is being texted. some even break off communication due to bad grades. they make sure no one of the their gender bother their partner. a tiger boyfriend or girlfriend can get angry real easily if they don’t get what they want.
“my ex girlfriend broke up with me because i am a tiger boyfriend. she complained her friends that i am too restrictive and obsessive. she says i am too strict and that i don’t allow her to do anything”
bro friend: wow, why are you so strict,
” i get insecure from past relationship. it’s why i get angry easily”
that my friends is a tiger boyfriend or girlfriend.

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