time out

a punishment used by white people when a child misbehaves, in which the child is temporarily forced to remain silent in a single spot. this method is usually ineffective, as opposed to the method used by black people who simply beat the child.
white man- “i have it. everybody gets a time out!”

black man- “shut the f-ck up n-gg- before i beat your monkey -ss!”
whenever someone says something horribly wrong
mike: “it will make you have an eyegasm”

me and ryan: “timeout”
an action taken by one friend towards another after being provoked past that individual’s threshold or tolerance for annoyance, disagreement, or disrespect towards him/her. an italian often has a much lower than normal tolerance for aggravation, and will prompt a “time out” by saying “are you f—ing serious right now bro’?” or “how you gonna come off like that to me?”. he will then place the friend (sometimes ex-friend) on “time out” for an indefinite time period, not talking, calling, nor returning phone calls. in extreme cases, the melancholy time-out-ee will try anything to get back together with his/her friend. the exchange of online, often sentimental, greeting cards are a popular option.
jason had had enough… he pulled up next to manny in his camaro exclaiming, “that’s it bro’. you’re on time out!”
a bogus, phoney baloney pseudo-punishment inflicted by soccer moms on their day care brats, after said day care brats have disobeyed for the 27th time.

the time out has a beginning, but never an end. before the soccer mom releases the day care brat, the day care brat releases itself.
after little chutney disobeyed her soccer mom for the 27th time, michner gave her a time out.
punishment for saying or doing somethin really dumb. involves kneeling down and touching forehead to kneecap.
“i accidently made out with my cousin last night”

d-mn you need to take a timeout for that one!
your asian friend gets too wasted/sauced and goes too hard/ too ham/rages out of control and does inappropriate dance moves involving handstands/bridges/grinding, annoys djs such as lil cee and beatbreaker, dances on tabletops/bars/amps/or any raised flat surface and ends the night trying to bike to the ocean going the wrong way
“yunmi we are putting you in time out” “yunmi go in time out” “you need to control your friend she’s in time out”
a cr-ppy bar in myrtle beach, sc most known for its dismal shows, tired clientel, and sticky bathrooms.
lets go to time out and see the glory hole

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