a sweetheart that will steal your heart away. he’s the most loving, kindhearted boy you will ever meet. you can stare into his blue eyes all day and run your fingers through his blonde hair. he personally loves red-headed green-eyed girls. he’ll make sure you’re always protected and never leave you upset. he’s the perfect boy anyone would die to have!
boy: “i got you a surprise!”
girl: “what is it?”
boy: “close your eyes!” -pulls out flowers-
girl: “timmer! you’re so cute!”
derived from ‘tmr’ meaning ‘total mental r-t-rd’. usually a complete loser with no meaning of life whatsoever, may be seen cupping a fart in his hand, then smelling it. generally m-st-rb-t-s into his grandfather’s underwear.
“hey timmer!! quit trying to hump my dog!!”

you’re such a useless peice of trash you stupid timmer!!”
the definition of timmers is emo
i wish my lawn was emo so it’d cut itself like timmers
verb – to p–p. you know…like p–p.
tiffany: gee miffy, you were gone for a while, did you have to timmer?

miffy: yeah. i so timmered.

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