a f-ck -ss n-gg- that is all about jesus an that is super f-cking annoyiny
“ew look at him, he looks like a tirese”

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  • fish daddy

    fish daddy is a great way to respond to wrong numbers who ask “who dis?” yo carlos, just put in a new pool, wanna stop by? sorry dude, wrong number. oh, who dis? fish daddy

  • donald protesters

    a feminist/black racist who needs to grow the f-ck up and except what can’t be changed those donald protesters need to go home and quit blocking the road. if i run into one of the protest, i am running there -sses over. i have places to be.

  • wirz

    best language teacher ever “mrs. wirz is the bomb”

  • millennial falcon

    the act of a man above the age of 40 dating a girl in her early 20s. ted seems to have become extra c-cky since he started taking rides on the millennial falcon every night.

  • broom fetish

    a fetish where you’re s-xually attracted to a broom, and wanna f-ck it. chris: is that a broom? peter: yup chris: i wanna f-ck it peter: nasty -ss broom fetish

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